5 Importance of Forests in Development

Forest are important in our life and prime source of income earning cleans the environment, protect from a natural disaster, complete industry for Economic development. Feeding source to animals and human, Natural forests, Amazon Forest, Tree Plantation – Blogger-


INTRODUCTION of the Topic –

Forests are very important in our life as we cannot survive without trees because these are sources of clean air, pure drinking water, and availability of food as we owe much to them.


Importance of Forests in Development

However, deforestation is increasing, endangering tree plantation on which our planet depends to avail climate change and environmental improvements.


Importance of Forest: –

This is a social responsibility to maintain the forestry in every estate and region of the province to provide natural resources to the public.


Why Forests are Important.

The forest is important for the source of clean air, availability of wood for food, furniture and these provide various unavoidable resources which we cannot deny and cannot ignore the concept of tree farming as a business and social and environmental footprint.


15 Reason why Forest is Important.

Following are the possible reasons why the forest is important in our lives, but below points are not limited to this article as there are many other benefits which require more details as forest helps in medicines research and much more which are not discussed here.

  1. Smooth Breath
  2. Provide a home to Birds
  3. People rest there and provide cool air
  4. Provides clean air
  5. Keep earth smooth and cool
  6. Protect earthquake
  7. Raining season
  8. Good earning
  9. Saving floods
  10. Helps to block wind
  11. Cleans up dirty soil and air
  12. Reduce noise pollution
  13. Feed animals and human
  14. Provide fruits
  15. Job creating and provide furniture


What are the 5 best uses of Forests?

Forestry itself plays a role as an industry and provides various facilities that adopt this profession, such as:

  1. Forest provides fuelwood to farmers for cooking and heating purpose.
  2. Provides food to animals, shelters them, and gives a boost to the furniture and handicraft industry.
  3. Protect from windbreaks
  4. Forest improves soil fertility
  5. Forest helps in soil erosion.




What is the importance of Forest?

Forest plays a vital role in human life as it has a huge contribution. Humans depend on the forest for food, fruit, fresh air, pure water, to get wood for cooking.

Protect us from the watershed and climate change are key points to remember while answering the importance of forests for humans as well as forest feed wild and household animals and source to provide habitats for animals and living things.



Importance of Forest Eco-System:

Forest contains significant importance in the worldwide inhabitants and everyone’s health safety of the planet is linked with it. It is vital that everyone is protected and contributes his/her role to protect the forest industry from deforestation and other civil negative impacts as this are not only the government’s responsibility to protect but the general public has to contribute themselves.


Types of Forest:

Forests are surviving in climatic regions where ample natural resources available; it can be a wild forest or self-made forest to gain wood and food for commercial purposes.


Climate Control Forest:

Forests contribute their important role to maintain the climate of the area by the natural and global impact on the photosynthesis system. Forest play defense on climate change, disappearing and covering greenhouse, carbon dioxide effects and helps in improving oxygen level. Helps in air purification and temperature control.


Tree Plantation Forest:

There are many peoples who plant trees in their agricultural land for their needs. Normally Eucalyptus trees are cultivated as these are fast-growing, these are capable of having long height, coppices well and it catches fire hardly, it has the capacity to hold resistance and able to control edaphoclimatic condition.


These trees are most widely planted as mini forests and using it as strong investments for the period of 4 to 6 years which gives reasonable earnings as compared with other types of businesses.



Forests play an ecological role while they grown and prevent erosion and decreasing the rainfall pressure on the surface of the soil and cover the rainwater by not permitting smooth runoff to remove topsoil. Forest also provides pure water by storing it underground and provide clean and drinkable water and re-grounding aquifers.


Tropical mountain forests are very important for watersheds and help to control and increase the pleasant temperature, controlling humidity by transpiration which causes high temperature, humidity, and rainfall.



Forests hold a wide range of biodiversity comparing with any other ecosystem on planets. Very few species have been found in forests for examination and study. in Amazon forest, it can be a place for millions of species found. The huge variety of trees found in the tropical forest contain intensive biodiversity and millions of species lived for years to continue their generations.


Commercial Importance:

Forests play a very important role in commercial terms and national economies by providing huge production input, good environment, source for fuel, food, medicine, furniture & fixtures, and other household equipment, good source for building material and industrial processing raw material source to produce finish product.



While discussing the importance of commercial importance of forests and tree plantation, the following questions are answered.

What are the commercial uses of the forests?

What is the economic importance of forests?

Ecological benefits of a forest?

Forest-based economy?

Economic and Employment benefits of the forest.


As discussed above, forests provide various products for processing into final shapes such as timber, firewood, food, pulpwood, food items including gums, resins, non-edible oils, fibers, rubber, lac, bamboo, canes, fodder for animals, various medicine material, drugs and much more. Most part of the timber is used for firewood in villages for cooking.


Forests are supporting over 2 billion peoples of the world by giving them an opportunity to earn and contributing to economic development by earning foreign exchange.



Everyday life, look around you will see, something is used which collected from the forests.


Just imagine your breakfast? How it was cooked, what you eat, how you fire, if you didn’t use firewood then you use a match to fire the stove.


In-office you sate on table chair, its wood and how it has obtained?

How you use tissue paper, use a daily piece of stationery paper, and books. Overall forest products are involved in our life as daily usage and we cannot deny their importance.


Forests is an important part of economic development, foreign exchange earnings, perfume industry attached to the forest for Agar wood trees plantations.

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