Importance of CMA Qualification

CMA Qualified professionals are earning high salaries in UAE and Gulf countries and it is easy to pass and register with CMA US online portal and there is no need to register with any private college or university as students have to provide the required documents to get admission with CMA USA institute.


Students and parents are confused and wonder about the following questions which we have answered with complete guidelines.


How do I apply for CMA USA?

You can apply directly through the CMA USA portal, submit required documents for admission, pay a direct fee and start learning online studies. You may visit the institute website for complete details.


CMA USA Admission

What is the CMA USA fee?

CMA’s USA fee updated schedule can be reviewed online and paid accordingly. For the current period fee schedule please visit the institute website for an updated fee schedule.


CMA Part 1 and 2 Study:

Students should decide which part they are ready to appear in first as there is no limitation by the institute to appear for the exam. Normally, CMA’s part 2 is an easier part as compare with part 1.


Students select part 2 first to build the confidence of achievement but part 1 is also important because you will become qualified CMA’s after passing both parts and fulfilling all related requirements.


Exam weightage on each topic:

Students should review the set marks weightage which will be appearing in the exam and study guide according to the syllabus and allocated marking scheme.


Online Study


CMA Study classes in Oman and Gulf Countries:

There are many private institutes are available in Oman and UAE that offer high-level teaching, training, and revision classes to full-time students and working professionals who can continue their studies at the ease of their time.


There are many institutes that offer online classes as well to facilitate students on online study sessions, class notes, and one on one classes, revision, and exam practice sessions.


How to approach Online Study Sessions:

There is ACCA and CMA’s Academy available in Oman that offers one on one teaching, providing study notes, objective test question bank, and exam boot camp which can be reviewed by visiting this blog post and sending an email request for more details.

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